Following the last ODHacks we’ve gathered your feedback and believe that a few guidelines and what to expect can be helpful! So let’s dive in.

Before the ODHack begins

Contributors, make sure that you sign up on OnlyDust if you haven’t already done so and then register over here.

Signing up on OnlyDust is important because this is where rewards will be sent and where we can also contact you if needed 😉.


The ODHack will last ~ ten days: from June 20th to June 30th.

The first few days is when you need to be available and reactive to get issues assigned and ready to tackle! Contributors: make sure that within the first two days, keep the community up to date with where you are at with the task. If there is no news from you, project leads are free to re-assign tasks.

<aside> ⚠️ Contributors: Note that we HIGHLY recommend that you comment on the issue by introducing yourself and how you plan on tackling the issue! Just saying you want an issue is not helpful, and project leads are entitled to not give it you if you just say that.

This will help with assigning tasks, especially if many comment.

Share your profile link too. Ideally the OnlyDust profile, but if you are new, your GitHub profile.


All tasks are to be finalized by the tenth day. Exceptionally this falls on a Saturday, so you have till Sunday to finish it all.

Project leads, feel free to review tasks during these ten days, merge if eligible and you can have two days afterwards to finalize any pending issues (as in July 1st & July 2nd).


Eligible contributions during the ODHack will be rewarded! Each project will manage their own rewards.


Join our telegram group to stay up to date with current info! Each project will also have their own Telegram group (or Discord) that you can equally join and connect with others.

Don’t be shy, introduce yourself, let us know where you’re from and what you aim to do. We’re keen to get to know you and help wherever possible.

Please be reactive and responsive. This goes both ways, contributors when you are assigned tasks, keep the project leads and others in the community up to date. Vice versa, project leads please be available to make sure tasks are assigned and to assist if there are any questions.

<aside> ⚠️ Note: contributors, it would be HIGHLY recommended to let the group know if you cannot undertake the assignment anymore within two days so that it can be assigned to another. Project leads can un-assign you from a task if you don’t answer.